Lyrics The One – 겨울사랑 (Winter’s Love) (That Winter, The Wind Blows OST)

naneun geudael algo
issseumnida malhaji anhado
geureon nawa darmeungosi
manheun apeun saramijyo
sarangttawin baewoboji
motae jal alji motalgeol
naneun aljyo
hajiman geudaeran saram
nae unmyeongingeol
hayan nunkkoccheoreom
yeorin naui saram
geu sarami nareul apeuge
o barami bureowa meolli
deryeogalgeotman gata
oneuldo geu yeopeul jikigo
bireobomnida haneurerado
naui gidoga daheulsuitge
baraebomnida ijen
eomneun dokhan sarange..
nae sarmi jogangnado geujeo
dan hansaram dan hansaram
geobuhaji motal unmyeong
gateun sarang
geu sarami nareul seulpeuge
chan gyeouri millyeowa on
momi da eoreobeorindaedo
eonjena geu yeope naega
geudael saranghaeyo
geudael aneulkkeyo
eonjena geuyeopeul
English Translation
I know you, I feel you even if
you don’t speak
You’re a hurt person, who
resembles me a lot
I know that I never learned
of love so I don’t really know
about it
But I feel that you are a
person who is my destiny
My person is soft like the
white snowflakes
That person is hurting me
The wind blows and it seems
like it’ll take you far away
So I am protecting you by
your side again today
I beg so that my prayers can
reach the heavens
I hope for this cruel love that
I can’t stop anymore
Even if my life is broken to
There’s just one person, just
one person for me
A love like destiny that I
cannot reject
That person is making me
Even if the cold winter
comes and freezes my entire
I will always be by your side
I love you, I will hold you
I will always protect you by
your side


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